Fang Island / Dinosaur Feathers - Live in Philadelphia (Cover Artwork)
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Fang Island / Dinosaur Feathers

Live in Philadelphia (2012)

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Fang Island's songs are perfect summertime jams. So you best believe a good time was had by all when the band stopped by the new Morgan's Pier July 21 to play a free set with Dinosaur Feathers. An outdoor waterfront bar, Morgan's Pier has been hosting a series of free concerts with Philadelphia indie promoters R5 Productions to help as a sort of extended grand opening. Based on all the beers I saw, I'd say this strategy is working.

Dinosaur Feathers have a new record to trot out, Whistle Tips, and they imbued those songs with a whole lot of pep. Unfortunately, they were hampered by a handful of technical issues throughout their set. It was mostly little things–the occasional instrument cutting out, etc.–but the vocals just weren't strong enough in the mix. Singing is Dinosaur Feathers' strongest asset, so losing the soaring harmonies of songs like "SURPRISE!" hurt the performance. They still played a solid, jammy set and were fairly tight, but this was not quite the right showcase for their talents.

Fang Island had mic issues as well, but let's be honest. Nobody listens to Fang Island for the vocals. They come for the sweet, sweet guitar-slinging. And the Island brought out three guitars for our listening pleasure. Playing just shy of an hour, the band members were able to wow the crowd with choice cuts from Fang Island and trot out some tasty new treats from new record Major. That album was still a few days away from being released, but the fans still grooved to the songs all the same.

Greg Simpson is going to cover this more thoroughly in his review for Major, but I'll say this: The tunes keep the same infectious stadium-sized guitar rock fun one would expect, but add neat little other touches as well. The kids were down. Of course, the biggest response went out for the older material, especially for "Life Coach" and "Sideswiper" and most definitely for "Daisy."

Fang Island live is pretty much like Fang Island on record: Lots of fun, lots of smiles, lots of guitar solos. Before the band launched into the mighty "Daisy," they insisted everyone in attendance high-five each other. And we totally did! And then they played "Daisy" and it was the best shit ever, dudes/dudettes! Morgan's Pier isn't really set up to accommodate live shows, but as long as they book bands like Fang Island, they can get around the limitations that come with being outside.