Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion (Cover Artwork)

Shai Hulud

Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion (1997)


Shai Hulud is a band out of Florida's prevalent hardcore scene, which has produced many other notable hardcore bands; Poison The Well, Keepsake(now emo) and many many more. Shai Hulud are aged veterans of the Florida scene, recording their first EP back in 1996. Shai Hulud's sound has matured over the years, however, they maintain an original sound. "Hearts Once Nourished..." released in 1997 on Crisis Records (now Revelation) reveals the mature progression the band's songwriting has gone through. The songs are emotionally charged and passionate, yet there exists within each song a focus and direction of their rage.

Shai Hullud's sound is definitely all their own; melodic, intelligent, brutal, demonstrating exactly why this band climbed their way to the top of the Hardcore Scene. Each songs is able to transition from slow melodic almost chugging metal to fast punk, and then throw in some incredibly technical breakdowns.Shai Hulud's lyrics are amazing, so profound and heart breaking that you can't help but become emotionally attached and sympathetic.

Shai Hulud's "Hearts Once Nourished..." is an older CD, however this LP was far ahead of its time, defining 'the shape of emoionally charged hardcore to come'... Sorry, couldn't resist. This is a CD I would recommend to anyone interested in hardcore, emo, punk or whatever. The impact "Hearts Once Nourished..." had shaped so many bands that followed this release, especially those bands who also came out of the Florida Hardcore scene. This is a beautiful CD that I hope ever one who reads this review will go and enjoy the album for themselves.