Pentimento - Quiet Country Audio Session (Cover Artwork)
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Quiet Country Audio Session (2012)

live show

Pentimento decided to give a rough breakdown of what they do best–coarse and unrefined live performances–and the pop-punk atmosphere here is better felt than you would have thought of at first. They continue with their indie vein that fans flock to at live shows, and they keep shit really simple yet soothing and profound.

"The Bridge" and "No Apology" are two of their best songs I heard in a while and usually, fans would ask to see how these are placed refined and onto an LP but somehow, these rough cuts are more appreciated. "All we are is blood and bones and sometimes a soul" really shows this on the former track and these rough tracks help to place Jeramiah Pauly's voice at the forefront. He isn't sounding pristine or any shit like that, but he stands out the most here.

"L'espirit de escalair" is more punk and doesn't bother with the melodic and alternative feel of the earlier tracks. Pentimento are well tuned into compositions of angst and despair but at the end, they tell a story; some poetic, some not so much. Here, the stories told are pretty sad but very listenable. "Words With Friends" closes out the session and while not the strongest song here, it's still pretty fucking moving. It still fits nicely into this pseudo-EP and hell, it fits Pentimento's music like a glove. If you're a fan or not, this session shows why Pentimento is one highly underrated band. It's a helluva listen.