Dead Sexy - And Now You Know (Cover Artwork)

Dead Sexy

And Now You Know (2002)


Riding in on the crest of the garage rock trend Dead Sexy have arrived, and bring with them a less polished and down n' dirty rock sound with them. In lieu of socilogical/political commentary or a set of matching suits, this band has stripped rock back down to the basics; street clothes, Rolling Stones and Chuck Berry licks, and songs about sex and rock n roll life.

The album opens with the noise of feedback and static, and this continues for a full minute into the second track until the rock takes over. Most of the album was very energetic, and for the most part really catchy. My favorites were the driving, but creepily sung "Looking Good", the insanely catchy "I Had A Dream", "Wrong Song" which had a more '77 style punk sound to it, and the more laid back "Bad Girls".

This disc also had a stuff for your computer including links to their site, a video of "I Had A Dream" which was the band playing live, some studio shots, and a guy puking on a van, and pictures of the band. Overall I thought this was a decent album by a band that really reminds me of 60's garage rock mixed with some early 77 era punk. Check this out if you are into the garage rock bands like the Stones, Chuck Berry, Hives, or the White Stripes.