Yo Ticonderoga - Coffee Moments (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Yo Ticonderoga

Coffee Moments (2012)


Yo Ticonderoga's debut five-track EP, The Disc is Dead, was a pretty good release as the band thundered through a snotty pop-punk approach that was refreshing amongst the waves of gruff, melodic punk rock and weak pop-punk that was (and still is) around. Now the band are back with three more tracks that once again prove that there are groups taking forward the pop-punk banner and flying it high, and in doing so, also have the songs to back up the flag-waving.

At its heart pop-punk is a very simple genre, although it seems it's quite easy to mess up. What Yo Ticonderoga manages to do to avoid any cock ups is keep it simple and not try to reinvent the wheel. The guitar buzzes along, drums clatter and the bass keeps the pace going. There are melodies, good snotty vocals and the requisite sing-alongs choruses. The lyrics are basic but not everyone is, or needs to be, Greg Graffin, and the songs are short and snappy. What more does one need from a pop-punk band?

I've previously likened the band's sound to that of Sicko and that is still evident in what's being produced here. In fact, Yo Ticonderoga does have an almost nostalgic approach to pop-punk and perhaps that is why I like this: it's rough, ready and tuneful (anyone remember the first Screeching Weasel album?!). It also reminds me a lot of the Ringing Ear bands including Doc Hopper and Sinkhole, both of which have stood the test of time since the mid '90s.

Out of the three songs featured, I'd certainly say the title track is the highlight but both "Knights and Squires" and "This Fool" are songs worthy of note. It's a free download on Bandcamp so there's not much to lose in giving this a chance.

Yo Ticonderoga may never reach the heights of others in this their chosen genre but they certainly deserve some attention, if you don't like to over analyze what you hear.