Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Rob Zombie

Mondo Sex Head (2012)

Universal Music

Over the last decade, Rob Zombie has made more of a name for himself as a director than as a musician. In the time it took him to direct five films, he's only released two studio albums. Oh sure, the shlock rocker has produced some extra albums along the way, including a live record and two greatest hits packages, but for a guy who's been musically active for about 30 years, it's interesting to me how easily he's transitioned to another medium, and how much his output in music has suffered.

All of this is to say that Zombie's latest record, a remix collection dubbed Mondo Sex Head, isn't especially good. It's not terrible. In fact, some people craft moody, electronic soundscapes out of Zombie's biggest hits, as Deftones frontman Chino Moreno does with "Dragula." But taken overall, Mondo Sex Head is lackluster, so much so that I'm not even sure who the target audience for this release would be.

Let's say Rob Zombie is one of your favorite artists. I'm assuming you love him for his fusion of Americana, metal and B-movies. You probably like White Zombie more, but either way, you're big on Zombie's grooving, hooky brand of metal. Well, that's all gone here. Mondo is all techno. It has touches of darkwave and industrial, but overall, it's dance music. And if that just so happens to be your bag, well, there's no way you're gonna be looking to get down to a "Pussy Liquor" remix.

Mondo Sex Head is about good as it could be, but that's still not very good. If anything, it's just further indication of Zombie's transition to film. I'm excited to see his Broad Street Bullies movie. Remixes of songs I liked in middle school, eh, not so much.