Millions of Dead Cops - Millions of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops (Cover Artwork)

Millions of Dead Cops

Millions of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops (1982)


Intelligent, passionate lyrics and aggressive music makes MDC one of the most overlooked and underrated US punk bands. Million of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops is a cd compilation of two of MDC's more powerful vinyl releases. Their current incarnation may be seen as a little more than a mockery of the moving band documented on this release. MCD's music is reminiscent of early Dead Kennedys, with break neck drumming, intricate guitar riffs and piercing vocals; coincidently Klaus Flouride and East Bay Ray, of DK, mixed this album.

Vocalist Dave Dictor lyrics' are at time introspective, as on "I Remember" and "American Achievement," with the depressive verse "Goin' drinkin'/call this livin'/think I'm dyin'" and at time humorous, such as on "John Wayne Was a Nazi" and "Corporate Deathburger." Earth Crisis could have written a million more songs promoting vegetarianism, but none could have been as funny yet convincing as the countryish "Chicken Squawk." Being natives of Texas, MDC have developed a distaste of the sheer stupidity, "Violent Rednecks," and blind nationalism, "Church and State," of hicks.

Millions of Dead Cops/More Dead Cops should be one of the most popular early hardcore records. The music may seem a bit dated, but MDC's hope for social conscience, equality and liberty is not. This album is an essential for any fan of punk.