White Lung - Sorry (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

White Lung

Sorry (2012)

Deranged Records

Sometimes you don't need paragraph after paragraph in a review saying why some release is good; the reader should just be guided to the record and it will speak for itself. White Lung's sophomore release is one of those releases and in a fraction under 20 minutes it speaks volumes for itself.

Musically this harkens back to a more primitive sound, which is often referred to as the Dangerhouse era, that was inextricably linked to Los Angeles in the early days of punk rock. Kenny McCorkall's guitar mostly eschews the use of big chords in favor of a scratchier, individual note kind of approach which adds an interesting and hugely beneficial edge to the music with Misha Way's voice being able to convey anger and torment both from a more hardcore perspective as well as a poppier approach at times too. The two elements provide the focal points that drag me in to this record. For me, these are the Dangerhouse rudiments.

The rhythm section of drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou and bassist Grady Mackintosh does exactly what is required across the 10 songs and that is help keep it all driving along at pace, that must ensure bucket loads of sweat fly when these songs are played live. Yes, this has a hardcore quality to it but as alluded to, there are moments of pop that fit in perfectly to stop this becoming a one dimensional slog from beginning to end. It's that perfect amalgam that has drawn me in and cemented me in as a fan of White Lung just from nineteen minutes of fury.

Sorry is a visceral piece of work and it has a sense of feelings and opinions being spat out in an attempt to try and exorcise something that is gnawing away deep within Way. The band manages to mix up the hardcore and melody to create something that all four members of White Lung should be proud of but which also needs to be lapped up by fans, old and new. If you've gotten through the needless paragraphs above then head straight to Bandcamp and listen to this record. It will be in my top 10 at the end of the year.