Yet to Define - Think Twice (Cover Artwork)

Yet to Define

Think Twice (2012)

Canton Records

Despite only being around for a handful of months, Canton, Ohio punk trio Yet To Define have been stirring up quite the noise in the local scene, something that doesn't come as a surprise after a listen of their initial recorded offerings, like Think Twice.

Thrashing punk with sparse arrangements and a straight forward attack permeates the record, which replicates the band's live show quite well. Yet To Define's sound harkens back to the records of Dischord and the work of Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), albeit with a bit more thrash thrown in for good measure. The group's first release, like the live set, is a firestorm of indignation and fury.

While the songs are full of burning rage, they also carry a sort of life-weary, old soul feeling. The tunes cover the often-overlooked parts of life, those nasty bits that the average person can't face and might not even know exist.

Stemming from the dark drug-related past of lead singer, Adam Miller, this album attempts to exorcise the frustrations of rehab and a life not worth living. The overall tone of the album contains a strong anti-drug message that comes across as a man telling you about everything dirty and secret rather than preachy.

"Another junkie whore / Another junkie born / Every single fucking day / Diseases they spread / Diseases they spread / From between her legs" is an offering of their single "Jack the Ripper," a take on cocaine addiction. In addition, the band has a three-song sampler titled Three Knees For Free, which is absolutely brutal and stands as a bit more aggressive a release than Think Twice. This brutal record is available for free download.