My Iron Lung - Grief [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

My Iron Lung

Grief [7-inch] (2012)

Pure Noise Records

My Iron Lung put out the No Such Thing EP in January 2011 and it didn't strike as anything special toward that post-hardcore screamo sound they were trying to cultivate. It was an okay record but nothing out of the ordinary. They've managed to grow leaps and bounds from that time and they've shown it with ferocity on this album.

The band properly harnessed that post-hardcore vibe and it's well worth a listen, especially behind the opening clout of "Broken Holmes." That indie-punk sentiment they had in their past recordings really went out the window for this harder sound and it transitioned well into something similar to the tones of Pianos Become the Teeth, Caravels and the Saddest Landscape. There's a lot of emotion, angst and honesty poured into the record, further evident on "Clementine."

That coarse and unrefined sound is sculpted with guile on the more visceral and haunting "Family Traits," which segues nicely into the standout "Late Bloomers, Early Caskets." This track really mirrors how good the guitars are on the record. "Here's to the collaborative effort..." rounds out the album and it's indicative of the frenetic momentum of the five tracks. It's an EP that's full of energy and more so, a sign of promise for that future LP they should be planning.