Statuette - Losing Roots (Cover Artwork)


Losing Roots (2012)


Statuette, a fledgling band from Austin, Texas, wields a passionate, familiar and promising debut EP: Losing Roots. The eight-track record embraces listeners with singer Elliot Gonzalez's heavy-booted self-analysis and a tightly composed melodic/post hardcore soundtrack, making for a strong freshman release.

In Losing Roots, we don't necessarily hear an altogether new or revitalized sound, but instead experience genre descendants of Caravels, Calculator and the like. What is impressive about this EP, however, is the sincerity of the band's work. Many groups try to merely mimic their genre predecessors (oftentimes creating music that ultimately falls short), but Statuette manages to produce an honest EP that stands closer to peer than peon.

From energetic, catchy hooks in the midst of songs like "Overlooked" to the melody-driven melancholy of "Everything Went Black," Statuette fully exploits their understanding of their sound's boundaries while still exploring the outer limits of that sound. In the tradition of quality debut records, no filler shows it's face.

Losing Roots is a record that fans of melodic/post-hardcore/screamo will undoubtedly find a home for. With a strong ebb and flow, complete candor, and a familiarity to well-loved bands, Austin has produced yet another band that may become quite the gift. If you're looking for something utterly new and groundbreaking, you may have to wait and see how Statuette grows. If you're looking for a new band in 2012 that you'll truly enjoy tossing in with your current mix, however, Statuette's Losing Roots will grow your collection wonderfully.

To hear Losing Roots click here.