Adventures - Adventures [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Adventures [7-inch] (2012)

No Sleep Records

Adventures, a terrific new band with its origins in Pittsburgh's hardcore trio Code Orange Kids, have taken a radically different tack on their first recording, a four-song 7" from No Sleep Records. While remnants of the band's hardcore-core can still be heard–subtle breakdowns and moments of guttural near-shouts–the addition of two more musicians has allowed this side project to transform themselves into a post-punk act reminiscent of Hop Along and their excellent Get Disowned.

These four songs are filled with reverberant guitar lines layered over steady drums anchored with thunderous and plentiful floor-tom fills. The band's vocals teeter between sweet harmonies and guitarist/vocalist Reba Meyers' from-the-gut wailing, which works wonders when she delivers lyrics as simple, and necessary, as:

"I've said things to you I've never said / I know I probably shouldn't have / And I have never been so scared"

Those are from the standout third track, "Like Seed." The vocals are raw and teeming with emotion, not unlike a mid-tempo Rites of Spring. A richly distorted riff introduces this duet of sorts between Meyers and Adventure's bassist Joe Goldman, who to this point has been relegated strictly to the background. The drummer also has a chance to show off here and carry the load while the additional guitar and keyboard hum along the surface with ringing arpeggios.

The first two songs, "I Feel So Sure" and "Walking," lead off this record in a similar–yet more restrained–manner, and are sequenced so precisely they nearly blend into a single track. This seamless transitioning, along with the addition of the fervent disc-closing "Reach Out to You" (whose breakdowns are deftly handled and payoff in a big sing-along chorus), bodes well for a full-length Adventures LP. The energy at the core of the band is palpable and worth your while to watch.