Surrounded by Thieves - Punk Rock Fight Songs EP (Cover Artwork)
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Surrounded by Thieves

Punk Rock Fight Songs EP (2012)

Suburban Tree Records

In 2011 Surrounded By Thieves released a pretty strong album in Prophecies of Greed which, although short on innovation, was long on melodic punk rock filled with hooks as well as lyrics backed by a social consciousness. Ten months after the release of that long-player, the band returns with a five-track EP containing four original songs and one cover version.

The most notable thing that strikes me with the opening track, "Strength," is that it seems a bit more powerful (with very good production) whilst retaining the hugely melodic approach that featured on the debut album. There is still a similarity to Pennywise at times but I would say that this EP also takes on an element of more recent 7 Seconds material in addition to sounding a bit like the Cowboy Killers at their best.

"Red White" and "Fight Fight Fight" carry on with the fast paced and highly driven punk rock style, both sustaining that element of added power to create two very good songs.

However, my favorite track on the EP is "Wedding Day," which is not a positive take on what many see as a wonderful joining together of two people for the rest of their lives but more a negative view of someone who is being controlled by a partner in a way that is not beneficial to anyone. We've all probably seen, or been in, such relationships and it rarely works out well and with this song you get the impression that personal experience is close to the source of the subject.

With a strong cover version of 7 Seconds' "Wartime" bringing the EP to a close, this wraps up things nicely and perhaps gives some idea of what the band were aiming for with the sound on this release, whilst also maybe justifying my own thoughts on where the band gets its influences in terms of musical direction.

Once again, Surrounded By Thieves has managed to produce a release that stands above the majority of others in the melodic punk/hardcore genre and as such should not be ignored if you enjoy that kind of music