The PJP Band / Woahnows - I Am A Racer / Go! Split [Digital] (Cover Artwork)
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The PJP Band / Woahnows

I Am A Racer / Go! Split [Digital] (2012)

OUF Records

This two-tracker features two bands from Plymouth, one that is more established having received radio airplay and played at Glastonbury, that being The PJP Band, and the other making its first tentative steps into the music scene, the Woahnows. Other than being from Plymouth and sharing this digital-only release, the one other thing that the bands have in common is that they both include a member of the extended six-piece Crazy Arm. The PJP Band has Patrick James Pearson (PJB himself) and the Woahnows has Tim Rowing-Parker.

However, neither of these bands sound anything like Crazy Arm, as both strike out in totally different musical directions: the PJP Band offering up a huge slice of catchy alternative/indie pop rock with "I Am A Racer" and the Woahnows displaying some edgy punk/indie tuneage on "Go!". Despite having dissimilar sounds, these two tracks do actually sit nicely together and it's not too difficult to see why the two bands will shortly embark on a whistle stop tour of Southern England together.

The PJP Band will not fit into anyone's definition of punk but that should not mean it's a band to be dismissed out of hand. With a plethora of bland groups around today, it's refreshing to hear a track that soars and gets the blood flowing through your veins, hitting that sweet spot as it becomes entrenched in your head: and all this without a guitar (six-string) in sight! "I Am A Racer" certainly is a quality song and bodes well for the forthcoming debut album. There is also a great video for this song if you are inclined to search the Internet.

Woahnows come at things from a different perspective with more of an edge and bite to the music and lyrics. Having heard a number of tracks that the band has posted on Bandcamp, I'm not even sure that this is the best song out of the five currently available to listen to but what is in no doubt is that Woahnows are a band to keep your eyes and ears peeled for. Within "Go!" there are hints of other U.K. bands such as Bangers and Apologies, I Have None but these are merely glimpses as the Woahnows create something of their own that is vigorous and fresh sounding, which also manages to be as catchy as hell. There is a radiance to this track that is formed immediately as the opening guitar riff kicks the song into life. Here is a band that will fit easily into the U.K. DIY punk scene and which should be able to stand head and shoulders above many of its contemporaries.

I cannot proclaim either track as being better than the other and despite this being a somewhat brief indication of what these bands are capable of, I'd suggest snapping the single up ahead of any future releases from these bands to gain a taste of what's to follow.