Touché Amoré - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Touché Amoré

Split [7-inch] (2012)

No Sleep Records

You liked the BBC Radio 1 7" right? I hope you did. That kind of tease for more Touché Amoré in 2012 really keeps fans waiting with bated breath. This split right here is just miserly in its four songs...but it's four of utmost perfection. Whether you bought it for Jeremy Bolm's vibrant presence on the mic or to ensure that the Casket Lottery still has it, well, you're in for a big treat.

Touché Amoré is as solid as ever on "Whale Belly," with Bolm's aggression unrestrained. It's no joke how much this makes you crave a new full-length. It's rare for me to find something that doesn't impress me from Bolm and the gents and they stun yet again with a Replacements cover. "Unsatisfied" isn't my favorite song from them but hearing TA cover it is worth the price of purchase. They add their own unique and shortened Wave twist on the track and it comes off smoothly.

We haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. I think I've underplayed just how amped I am for new material from the Casket Lottery, and this here offers two strong reasons why. "White Lies" gives that elegant post-hardcore feel with a brush of indie/alternative. It's based on the ever-pristine vocals of Nathan Ellis, whose guitar work also rings so sweetly. It's a captivating track and I'm glad to have the gents back from Coalesce.

I think long-time fans would love what's been teased here as Nathan Richardson's drums and Stacey Hilt's bass never really miss a beat. Ending the record with a breathtaking cover of "Myth," originally done by Beach House, is beyond words. Ellis' delivery is perfect and the vocals match the already-impressive original tune. They capture the indie vibe and allure of the original with their little twist on the take. I haven't enjoyed covers as much as these since I heard Thursday cover "Ny Batteri" from Sigur Rós, and this closing track is a fitting way to show that the boys are back with a bang. Ellis nailed the cover to a tee. This split definitely hints at scintillating things to come from both parties.