Luther - Let's Get You Somewhere Else (Cover Artwork)
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Let's Get You Somewhere Else (2012)

Chunksaah Records

While admittedly still a relatively new band, Luther just dropped their best effort yet with Let's Get You Somewhere Else. Always a lot cleaner-sounding than their Philadelphia brothers, Luther's latest adds just a dash of grit but keeps the hooks. In an alternate, better universe, this is how mainstream pop rock should sound. Instead, the world is going to act like it's not that big of a deal for a band to meld Hot Rod Circuit's hooks with the Lawrence Arms' vocals (Chris McCaughan-style, son). Hell, let's throw in an early Brand New reference just to keep the chatter up.

Not to bemoan the state of contemporary punk rock or anything, but it's neat to hear a new-ish band and not think "I miss Dillinger Four." Let's Get You Somewhere Else is such a record, packing in big vocals ‘n' guitars. It's meant to be played at huge volumes, and it is designed to stoke the masses. I cannot emphasize it enough; this kind of shit could fix the deficit.

Let's Get You Somewhere Else comes in at a tight 32 minutes. The 11 tracks are generally tightly wound rockers, although the band occasionally allows a smattering of jammage. The lyrics cover things other than drinking, such as the great lord Satan. Luther: Catchy as sin in a mildly Satanic sense.

Sometimes the band's mainstream tendencies get the better of them, such as on "Rattlesnake." The chorus is great and all, but those handclaps sound a little too fake, distracting from the tune underneath. Overall, though, Bouncing Soul Pete Steinkopf keeps things tasteful, cleaning up the tracks without dipping too far into overproduction. Besides, Luther's songs translate well anyway.

In a way, this record is a culmination of what Luther was always heading towards, they just needed to log some more miles and score a better studio space. Let's Get You Somewhere Else shows some growth, but mostly it just shows what Luther can accomplish with ideal resources. Poppy without turning saccharine, rocking without losing its hooks, Let's Get You is the band's best work to date.