Curmudgeon - Curmudgeon [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Curmudgeon [7-inch] (2012)

To Live a Lie Records / Bullshit Propaganda Records

Boston's Curmudgeon have returned with their self-titled EP, following up their 2011 debut, Human Ouroboros. And the new year finds the band improving on an already excellent sound. The quality of the recording is better, allowing vocalist Krystina's lyrics to shine through a bit more– though things are still a bit tough to discern; this is powerviolence, after all– and the guitar crushes harder.

The songs on this EP are a bit more varied than those found on the predecessor. There's almost a groove to the beginning of "Infallible," for example. Though in general, the music is firmly rooted in the short, aggressive bursts of their debut. With, of course, the glaring exception of the EP's closing track, "Dysmorphic," a relative epic at nearly four minutes. Channeling the anger that has built over the preceding four songs into a furious burst followed by a slow, desolate midsection before the vocals kick back in and the band gradually ramps back up to a cacophony of guitar feedback and riffage. Hell of a way to close things out.

Of course, it would do a gross disservice to the band to neglect the lyrical content of the songs. Tackling patriarchic oppression, should it come from religion ("Infallible") or within the punk scene ("Expel," "Rehashed"), or the larger of culture of violence that surrounds us ("32411"), the screeds are short and sweet, never mincing words.

All in all, Curmudgeon's self-titled EP is an improvement on their strong debut, but incrementally. An impressive showing, and definitely a year-end list contender.

You can stream the EP here.