Basement - Colourmeinkindness (Cover Artwork)
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Colourmeinkindness (2012)

Run For Cover

If you're a fan of the U.K. rockers Basement, strap yourselves in. Before they go on hiatus, they've left you something incredible. It's a near-flawless record and the swansong they've cultivated makes their impending absence hit home really hard.

"Whole" is a brilliant opener as Basement continue their impressive hardcore style (with tinges of grunge), right down to the very end. "Deep inside this hole, I will offer you my soul / Hoping that with each and every breath, you will leave it in my chest / Lie to me" shows the emotional, unfiltered and raw honesty that made Andrew Fisher stand out as a songwriter. His cathartic vocals are top-notch and it stands out how much better he got over time. Fisher's vocals are remarkable as he bears his confessions akin to a personal diary to the listener.

Raging, distorted, crashing and plain, old brute songs such as "Spoiled", "Bad Apple" and "Covet" pull no punches as Basement showcases their usual-grit. Fisher's long-drawn delivery works well over each track and they've inculcated some touching songs such as "Pine" and "Breathe" to add a more endearing balance to the record. The dynamic of the record is superb with a great blend. "Comfort" is aptly titled as it offers the most calming and soothing feel before the album's bookend.

Basement ends the album by emphasizing once again that they're timeless in their own contemporary sound, with a fitting and riveting finale, "Wish." How ironic as many fans would wish they'd stick around more to bask in what's definitely one of, if not the, best Basement record. As they embark on their hiatus, I wish them Godspeed. What a way to go out, guns blazing with a top five contender for album of the year.