The Pietasters - Turbo (Cover Artwork)
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The Pietasters

Turbo (2002)

Fueled By Ramen

Ska, soul, rock.... Just what the hell are the Pietasters these days? It seems that every album, dating back to the incredible "Oolooloo", "Willis", and most recently "Awesome Mix Tape#6", have demonstrated completely different styles. The band's most recent release, "Turbo", seems to finally show what these differences have been building up to.

"Turbo" is an incredible blend of soul, ska, and punk that is nothing short of pure pleasure to listen to. Tracks like "Told You The First Time", "Set Me Up", and "Rachel" are strongly reminiscent of the recent sound introduced on "Awesome Mix Tape #6"; whereas "Wrong With You" seems that it could have very well been from the "Willis" sessions, very classic-punk influenced with a hint of soul.

"Step Right Up" is a purely instrumental number that although sounding familiar to something that would be pre-recorded on a Casio keyboard, is actually a very lounge-ish sorta number. Classy.

Additionally, I am completely stoked to see the return of the classic Pietasters style in several of the album's tracks. The trad-ska/reggae influenced "Trust Yourself", "Drunken-Master" and "Mellow Mood" (with the late, great Todd Eckhardt on bass) are sure to please any fan of the group's earlier material.

This is truly a spectacular album. The only complaint I can really think of is the packaging, which has a real lack of any sufficient liner notes. But putting trivial matters such as that aside, top notch album, from one of the most creative and innovative bands in the business today.