Warped Tour 2002 - live in Boston (Cover Artwork)

Warped Tour 2002

live in Boston (2002)

live show

While filing inside, Massachusetts natives Fake ID were performing on the Drive Thru Stage. I didn't catch too much of their set, but from what I saw, they had a lot of energy and seemed to get the crowd going.

The first band I was looking forward to seeing was Reach The Sky at 11:45 on the Volcom stage. They finished with my favorite song of theirs, "Maybe Next Year". The lead singer Ian had the crowd going crazy(although their crowd was really small, despite them being from Boston). The rest of the band didn't move an inch during their set. RTS are worth checking out if you haven't already.

As Reach The Sky finished up, Thursday was taking the stage. I was not a Thursday fan before their set. I left that stage wanting more. I thought they were one of the best bands on the day. They play with so much raw emotion it's unfathomable. They were a great way to get in the Warped spirit.

Next was MxPx at 1:30 on the main stage. I knew this set was going to be shoddy when Mike Herrera(lead singer and bassist) announced that they had just woken up as soon as they started playing. I chose only to check out 3 of their songs since I had seen them before. They were "My Life Story", "I'm Ok, You're Ok", and "Responsibility". I gathered from the beginning that their set was going to suck. It had that aura.

Goldfinger took to the other main stage at promptly 2:00, and they rocked as always. Not many people can control a crowd like John Feldmann. I caught some of their set like "here in your bedroom", "superman", "san simeon", "open your eyes", and more. They were pretty solid.

We then caught some of The starting Line's set. I was not in to them at all, the only song I dug was their rendition of "I'm Real".

Next it was back to the main stage for Alk3. They pretty much rocked. They were sort of lacking energy, but the music was great. It was my first time seeing them and I had been looking forward to it. I will wait patiently til I get the chance to see them again.

We then checked out the beginning of RBF's set while waiting for Finch to play. I had seen them a few times before and it was the same old shit. Boring.

It was time for Finch. I had never seen them live and I was as anxious as a lil' tyke on christmas eve. I was not disappointed. Santa delivered with a sweet gift. They effin' rocked the stage (and their humungous crowd, well, for a side stage.) for about 30 minutes. They had more energy than any band that day with the exception of Thursday. They played my favorites off their cd such as "Letters To You", "Grey Matter", and "Perfection Through Silence". They were my favorite performance on the day.

We then killed time while waiting for one of my favorite bands, No Use For a Name, to take the stage. I had been waiting about 3 years to see these guys. I wasn't completely satisfied with their performance. Maybe it was the short set, maybe it was my fatigue setting in, but they weren't as good as I hoped. As soon as they closed out with "Justified Black Eye", we ran over to catch what we could of West Beverly on the Punkrocks.Net stage. These Connecticut punk rockers were great as always. If you get a chance, check them out on tour this fall with Amazing Transparent Man. You can get the dates from their page .

We left pretty much right after that. NoFx was off for the day, and their wasn't enough desire for me to keep sweating to see Bad Religion or New Found Glory.

All in all Warped rocked. See ya'll next year!