Undesirable People - Eugenics (Cover Artwork)
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Undesirable People

Eugenics (2012)

South Division

They were making quite a name for themselves on the Detroit circuit last year and their self-titled 2011 EP proved that they weren't a band to ignore. Undesirable People crafted a post-hardcore punk sound with an indie foundation and it worked well. Eugenics, however, is a bit more toned down, as they went the more melodic route. But in its harmony, this album still manages to capture the raw essence that defines them. It isn't as fast as past records, but it's still a pretty decent album.

"Eugenics" opens with a perfect blend of indie, alternative and punk, which highlight the poppy voice of Steven Kennedy. He may have that generic pop voice but his delivery and lyrics really helps give the band a likeable edge. "I Dream Of Real Life" is an example of how the band toys a bit more with backup vocalist, Mark Libiecki, who gets much more to do on the record than stick out on the bass. The dual vocals really impress.

"Basement Talk" encompasses all the great ideals and attributes of the band and it's nifty how well they manage to trudge through the emotional riff-raff of each song while making the tracks all distinct individually. There's something about this EP in its slow and calm vibe that reminded me of Seahaven's 2011 record, a compliment in itself. This track particularly shows how outstanding the guitarists, Brian Fraser and Allen Keleman, are as they add that extra punch to Kennedy's stance.

"Animals" caps off the album fittingly and it's a grand example of the band's charm. They're fervent when need be yet still somehow make it a duty to keep that alternative melody they wanted for this record. The sound's varied from their earlier stuff, and while calmer, it's pretty clear that there's a lot to enjoy from these guys. My only issue was that I felt it could have been longer. I can't wait for a full-length and no doubt, this band has the perfect foundation to build on.