Young Skin - The Sticky Pages (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Young Skin

The Sticky Pages (2012)

Paper and Plastick

Paper + Plastick is seriously a fucking boss label. No question. This band delivers too. If you liked Lemuria and Failures' Union, I think you'd definitely enjoy Young Skin's The Sticky Pages. It's a fit of badass honesty, candid and unadulterated punk with some daddy/boyfriend/"I'm-fucked-in-the-head" issues. Those are the best ingredients for a punk recipe, right?

This record is filled with sick riffs and "Paper Thin" has that aspect down to a tee. The raw sexuality and spunk here just spices up an already amazing song. The singer's blowing off a lot of steam and using the exceptional guitars and drums to do so. The musical arrangements are spot on and the bassline, well, that's another treat in itself. There's a lot on display in just four songs.

"Dr. Liar MD" pays homage to relationships and cynicism while "Don't Shoot Me an Email" adds to the feistiness and honesty factor. I really thought this record would let me down amid all this drivel but I was shocked how seamless the tracks flowed. "Uneasy" encapsulates everything awesome about this band with a haunting vibe to the chorus. In this buildup, there's a slight hardcore feel tossed in to the punk stream and it comes off brilliant. The solo is brilliant and fit for a Tarantino movie in its intricacy. This EP shows enormous promise and again, four tracks is a torturous tease.