Nightmare of You / Nightmares for a Week - Nightmares Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Nightmare of You / Nightmares for a Week

Nightmares Split [7-inch] (2012)

Paper and Plastick

If you liked Nightmare of You a few years ago, then you're still gonna like them now. Nothing much has changed. Brandon Reilly's vocals are as clean, soothing and harmonious as can be. Joe McCaffrey's guitars are as enchanting as they were in the past. They've kept the same formula, and that may add some attrition to their reception, as it doesn't feel like there's any progression, evolution or experimentation.

I thought Reilly's recent stint with the Movielife once more would get him to stir things up a bit when he came back with McCaffrey and crank a slightly different sound than the safe alternative indie vibe they've become so adept at. I was slightly disappointed here because it's the same mix and match from Morrisey, the Cure, the Killers, Interpol, and the Smiths with a bit of We Are Scientists thrown in. I swear I've heard "Box of Hops" and "It's Not Enough Until It's Killing Me" before. They aren't bad songs, not in the least...but I think NOY needs a breath of fresh air in their verses.

Nightmares For a Week, however, really has me amped. "2011" is so bloody short yet it packs a serious fucking punch. But not as serious as the vibrant "Mr. Grimm." In its references to "Casket Lottery," this song was one I kept on repeat. NFAW redeemed this split for me; I'm stoked to hear their newer stuff. So yeah, it's a contrasting feel for me on this split but there are decent songs, so why not give this a shot? Four songs won't take up that much of your time.