The Used - The Used (Cover Artwork)

The Used

The Used (2002)


I'm tired of writing long reviews so for your sake and mine we will keep it short this time folks. The Used is a four piece band, and this is their first full length release on the major label Reprise. They play emotional rock with some screaming added to the mix. As far as I'm concerned their trying to follow in Thursdays footsteps with driving beefy guitar hooks, and calling out vocals that are screaming "emotion." Seemingly effortless lyrics at times fail to really open my eyes, but for the most part there not all that bad. Bad example from the song "Blue and Yellow": "Well you're never gonna find it if you're looking for it won't come your way." I dunno can you say simplistic? Some songs give me an Incubus vibe. I'll let you decide if thats good. Others are reminescent of Finch, Thursday, or Taking Back Sunday.

I guess its not all that bad, but when there is cds out there such as TBS "Tell All Your Friends" or even Glasseaters new one this cd is a best mediocre. And boy do I hate that word.