Various - Don't Be Scared 2 (Cover Artwork)


Don't Be Scared 2 (2002)



Most label compilations, seem to pass right by my eye, but instead of passing this one up, I decided to buy it and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised on how many of these bands I liked and how many of the songs are really good!

My Favorite song is near the end of the cd, it's by the band Rock Kills Kid, the song is called "dream"....if there is one song on this CD, that you can listen to over and over again, it is definitely this song. Their other song "immanuel" on the CD is good too...this is definately a band I'm going to be watching out for.

I also really liked the opening song on the CD by Junction 18 called, "little Joey," very can totally see how much they've progressed, from their last CD.

Near Miss is pretty good...they sound a little too much like bigwig, just not as many screaming in the vocals.

The plain white T's write some catchy stuff too. Their song "what if" i really liked.

Glasseater has progressed from what I had previously heard. I like the new singer and I think they rock!

I didn't really care for Knockout. They sound like every other pop punk band out of their songs sounds exactly like a blink song.

Brazil is very interesting, a lot like at the drive in...not sure if i like them yet

keepsake...i can't tell if the guys got a good voice or if he is straining the whole time...very emo stuff

bigwig has always been cool...i did kind of like their unreleased song, a little different from what they've put out before

i liked both of the lonely kings songs, they are more of a rock band, but there's nothing wrong with that

as i said...the rock kills kid stuff was my favorite, i can't wait to get more of their stuff when it comes out

I've always heard of dynamite boy, but never listened to them...they are OK, they just remind me a little to much of green day

Overall this CD was really good, a lot of good songs, definitely a CD that I will be listening to for a while. If you are looking for some new bands to check out, definitely buy this CD!