Aspiga - Every Last Piece (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Every Last Piece (2012)

Paper and Plastick

Hey there kids. Hey. Do you enjoy fast, aggressive, earnest punky rockin'? Aspiga has got seven shots of that very style primed and ready for human consumption. The band's new EP [NOTE: Press materials call it a full album despite containing only seven tracks. Seven works for metal bands, but that doesn't describe Aspiga. Hence my need to call shenanigans. Carry on] Every Last Piece focuses on the Orgest of Orgcore (well, minus the songs about drinking and/or rimming Dillinger Four, I guess). While the results don't exactly blow brains out of skulls, they do assuage my brain's pleasure centers.

Every Last Piece offers throaty vox and earnest lyrics in the vein of Texas is the Reason, and that's a good thing for those that don't know. Yes, a very good thing indeed. See, that means the tunes are kind of emotional, but with an indie rock rawness and a punk energy, so it's kind of like this perfect storm of noise. Sometimes the guitars get a little chugga-wugga, like "Parade on Me," but overall they just sear.

Aspiga is still a band on the rise, but this EP is their strongest effort yet. Time will tell if they have a Do You Know Who You Are? in them, but for now, just enjoy the ride.