Dead Ringer - Enjoy the Ride (Cover Artwork)

Dead Ringer

Enjoy the Ride (2011)

Gruff Beard Records

Everyone has a soft side. Even the most detestable, pretentious crust punk that won't admit his ideals could never work when put in place has a sensitive side somewhere deep under all the grime and dirt that has collected on his or her smelly dreads over the years. It's just that people are afraid to let that show, and I think I've found something that will help people be a little more open about their love of kittens and fruit smoothies.

Dead Ringer are a pop punk band currently hailing from California (they used to be from New Jersey if I remember correctly). Their style isn't completely unique, yet it sounds just fresh enough to be interesting. Just imagine if you will the album Through Being Cool by Saves the Day, without the whiny vocals. Throw in some dashes of early Lemuria and the Unlovables and you pretty much have what this EP sounds like. The songs are light, mid-paced tunes with incredibly catchy guitar riffs and very memorable choruses that you'll probably be singing to yourself in no time, with the title track definitely being the best cut on this record. Also, if you don't like their cover of "I Wanna Grow Old With You" from the film The Wedding Singer, I'm pretty sure that you're a soulless bastard and that you're going to hell when you die.

Overall, this is an EP that I would highly recommend. It doesn't necessarily reinvent the wheel, but it's infectiously catchy and very fun to listen to and sometimes that's all you need. Grab it here.