Hafrican - Hot! Hot! Hot! EP (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Hot! Hot! Hot! EP (2012)


Glasgow's Hafrican is certainly keeping the right company. After recording its debut EP, Hot! Hot! Hot!, the band went on to play shows with Jacuzzi Boys and Ty Segal. For a band trafficking in garage band revival, it's hard to think of better groups to align with.

The band has the sound and aesthetics of garage revival down. Hot! Hot! Hot! hits all the right check boxes: guitars with reverb turned all the way to gills, four-on-the-floor punk drumming, Beach Boys harmonies and so and and so on.

No, it isn't that Hafrican doesn't sound like a surf-rock band, it's that they just sound like a surf-rock band. The songs are pleasant enough if you are looking for Black Lips-lite, but they never justify their existence. The lyrics are unintelligible, so it's hard to know what the band is howling about. The songs themselves are fine from a structure standpoint, but they say nothing and don't really delineate from track to track. There's a minor key guitar riff on "Guillotine," there's a major key guitar riff on "Coca Eyes;" it's all the same.

Considering its extreme infancy and singular nature (the band started as a bedroom recording project for leader Sancho Buna), there is still plenty of time for Hafrican to establish itself as more than garage rock for garage rock's sake. For now, however, the genre aping of Hot! Hot! Hot! isn't enough.

Listen for yourself and tell me how wrong I am http://halfrican.bandcamp.com/">here.