Stay Clean Jolene - Stay Clean Jolene [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Stay Clean Jolene

Stay Clean Jolene [7-inch] (2012)

Drunken Sailor Records/JSNTGM

Stay Clean Jolene feature John Dagger, previously to be found fronting the excellent the Great St Louis, and now lending his vocals and six strings to this new band which also includes personnel from the Leif Ericssons. If you have heard, and liked, the Great St. Louis then I'd find it hard to believe that these three tracks won't get your juices running. It's all about a big guitar sound with Dagger's gruff vocals up front, so not a lot different from TGSL really other than this time round there is some hints at a more Americana/countrified sound although nothing that stops the overarching balls out punk rock feel that creates a thunderous musical storm.

This will no doubt remind you of bands like Leatherface and Hüsker Dü but Stay Clean Jolene has enough about them to ensure that this sound is generally its own without needing to be inextricably linked to either of those bands.

"Green" opens with some wonderful sounding guitar and bass work before Dagger's vocals kick in to move the song along with some catchy sing-along moments. It's a song full of energy and packs a bit of punch too. "Old Songs" is more of the same and to be honest, "Record" stays on that very same path, in offering up the basic musical format that works so well.

It's a well-worn path, this whole Hüsker Dü/Leatherface/etc. sound, but occasionally there are bands that manage to do it justice and deliver something that manages to add a freshness to it: Stay Clean Jolene are one of those bands and this single is a grand start for the new combo. My interest is certainly aroused from these three songs and I eagerly await a full-length from this band.