Defeater - Live on BBC Radio 1 (Cover Artwork)
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Live on BBC Radio 1 (2012)

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Defeater are at it again. They've put out another great collection of songs. Live on BBC Radio 1 is short, but filled with the passion that made Empty Days and Sleepless Nights so moving...and you can't ask for more in that regard.

"But Breathing," as you might remember, is chocked full of truth and honesty beyond measure; it's such a warm track, building affection and drawing eyes back to their 2011 LP that saw frontman Derek Archambault speaking of the ups and downs of life. That record spoke of familial relationships, the love and the struggles encompassed and talks of being beaten, broken, battered and bruised. As it was then, it's unique to see that bare exposure as he divulges the trials and tribulations of his father's relationships to his sons. There's a tinge of a country vibe that's even more prominent in this session and the polished production plays off nicely.

It's unspoken, the connection that Derek harnesses with his fans as he spills his guts and if you haven't listened to it in a while, ''Brothers" slips off as profound as we know it would be. There's little to fault in the record's session setting, as even that hardcore/post-hardcore sound comes off soundly in "Warm Blood Rush." The set worked well, but I really missed not hearing "I Don't Mind," "Headstone" or "Dear Father," as I felt those were the songs to make this the perfect album to cap off 2012. That said, you can't help but fight the allure to this band.

"Empty Glass" plays off Live at BBC Radio 1 remarkably and all that's left is wondering what Derek's solo project, Alcoa, will end up sounding like and if it will be similar to this. One thing's for certain: as long as Defeater keep putting every ounce of sincerity into making music, I'll be there buying their records.