Various - Don't Be Scared 2 (Cover Artwork)


Don't Be Scared 2 (2002)


I recently went out and picked up the new compilation from Fearless Records called, "Don't Be Scared 2". After listening to the cd, I thought I'd post my review of the cd.

The first couple tracks were from Junction 18. I have their first record on fearless and only one of these songs was new. I was really impressed with the new song though, they have progressed well...they kinda have an indie rock, pop-punk sound, that seems to be really popular these days. I do think they have something to offer that will make them stand above other bands.

Near Miss had the next couple tracks on the CD. Since it was a couple x-members of Bigwig, I figured that their sound would be similar. I was right. All of their riffs sounded like they came straight out of Bigwig. These guys do seem talented, but in my opinion there is nothing new or original about it.

The Plain White T's write catchy songs. Both of their songs on the CD I found myself singing and couldn't get them out of my head. If you like Jimmy Eat World, you' love the Plain White T's, they sound exactly alike.

I was really impressed with Glasseaters new songs. I thought their old stuff was very generic and the singer got on my nerves. Since i heard they got a new singer, i was eager to check it out. let me tell ya, it is much better and it almost sounds like a completely different band. The song "medicine" kicks some butt, they've definately converted me over to being a fan.

Knockout...If you've listened to Blink 182, then you've already heard knockout. Same melodies, guitar riffs, and lyrical content.

If you dig At the Drive-in, you'll really like Brazil. Same style and feeling, but there is something cool about this band that I can't put my finger on.

Keepsake did a 180 from what they previously sounded like. Once of the songs sounds exactly like an Incubus song. Very emo-ish music. Not my taste.

I already have the new Bigwig CD, and i like it a lot. I was interested to hear the unreleased Bigwig song. It took me a couple listens to get used to, but after awhile i kinda dug it. A lot slower than their other stuff, but not bad at all.

The next couple songs were by the Lonely Kings. The first song "santa cruz" is very driving and has a lot of passion in it. I think that's why I liked it so much, very powerful. The other song wasn't bad, but just didn't grab me that much.

My favorite band on this compilation was Rock Kills Kid. It's hard to explain what they sound like. It's kinda like a New Wave-Punk feel and the song "dream" is amazing! I would definately recommend checking them out, very original.

I've heard Dynamite Boy before, and they do write catchy songs. I don't think these 2 songs best represented them though.

Overall I thought this was a good compilation CD's. There were definately a few bands that I am going to be checking out and buying their records "Plain White T's, Glasseater and Rock Kills Kid"

The CD is priced very cheap and it's well worth the few bucks that I payed for it.