Cerce - Cerce [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Cerce [EP] (2012)


Cerce are loud, aggressive and there's a strong sense of sonic violence in their music. They take hardcore-punk and powerviolence to a new extreme, but there's a big hint of something that's not only powerful, but highly emotive as well. In their chaos, Cerce's managed a great EP that's sure to pave a strong 2013 for them.

"Weary" and "Choices" exemplify their rage and it's abundant on this short album. They seem so amped and fueled, those more close-minded among us might wonder how could a girl lead with such high-octane strength–especially if those also don't bother to pay attention to the group's fiercely feminist lyrics. Well, you can quit scratching your head because from shrill screams and soft, tantalizing wordspeak, there's all kinds of eerie and haunting goodness in this record.

"Concussion" proves my point. Don't fuck with this band. When you've got a female lead so potent on the mic, you know she's fearless. It shows in their music. This is dangerous, and it's two steps short of death metal. These intros conjured set the stage for short, yet punch-packing tracks that leave you wondering how long this band's gonna remain unacknowledged.