Cerce / Leer - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Cerce / Leer

Split [7-inch] (2012)

It's A Trap

There isn't much of Cerce on this split. But in their brief stay, you got the usual violence and aggression that they're synonymous with. The blend of infectious chaos and that scary lead singer expands nicely on what they did on their self-titled debut late in 2012. "Direct Tributes," both parts, are what they're best at doing–and that's what you get from them here, a sample of the pent-up rage they're waiting to unleash.

Cue to Leer, and a band I hope get a world of recognition in 2013. They gave us such an amazing self-titled EP late in 2011 and "Tug" stuck with me as one fucking sick tune. With an emotional yet strained and powerful lead singer, Leer use intricate guitar work to compose amazing songs like "Statler." This segues nicely into "And," which showcases the laid-back vibe and sense of post-hardcore punk and skramz that Leer pride themselves on.

By the time "Waldorf" ends proceedings, there's enough teasing here to know what each band's capable of. Here's to hoping they get their lion's share of recognition now because both deserve it. They're impressive in the least and while there's much more of Leer to grab from on this EP, you can tell how far both bands can go.