Moose Blood - Moving Home [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Moose Blood

Moving Home [EP] (2012)


Moose Blood's a band I stumbled across while checking out some recommendations from Departures. It turned out to be a prime example of what a UK band can do with the perfect combo of indie, pop-punk and post hardcore.

"My Own Boat" opens and at first, I thought it was a prank; reason being, it sounded a lot like "Those Miles Meant Everything" from Departures' Teenage Haze. It's uncanny how similar they sound. Shaking that off led to one of the funniest yet most relatable tracks I've heard in a while in "Evening Coffee." It's so candid and profane with the right counterbalance of a misrepresented and lost love letter. It's so blunt and raw but still so melodic. The catchiness comes off well as you realize it's just an attempt to fuck a girl...sorry, but it's the truth. He even said so in the song.

"Moving Home" blows away with its brilliant drums as you get a grand idea of how much Moose Drums have been influenced by the Smiths and the Cure. Segue into an ode to Dashboard Confessional in "Carbis Bay," which quickly evolves further into a fast-paced homage to Coldplay's "Yellow." There's an extra point of quality added because of the American Football "Never Meant" reference. At times, you get a little Arctic Monkeys tinge as well, but then you realize that the band are not afraid at showing what helped them harness their sound.

"Drive" didn't tickle my fancy and seemed a bit out of place but "Bukowski" ends the EP on a good note as they directly list even more influences from Morrissey to why they like watching High Fidelity. There's so much fun in this record, and the fact that the production quality comes off so neatly adds more to a great ride. The British flair's a big fucking win!