Life On The Sideline - Outpatient [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Life On The Sideline

Outpatient [EP] (2012)


There are those bands that manage to swing just a couple tracks your way when you're browsing around, and they somehow manage to catch your eye. Life On The Sideline managed to do just that, but it's more geared from half of this EP rather than a boatload of kickass tracks. What's certain is the potential that these pop-punkers have within–and surely, how they harness it is gonna be very crucial on the next release.

It's a 2-song EP, and they stick hard to the pop-punk genre. "Malone Avenue" offers that typical sound, which isn't bad, but it isn't that hit from the genre. Vocalist Nick Diciancia has the common clean-voiced, sometimes whiny vocals that at points, even came off like Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. This track seemed a tad immature but again, it isn't terrible. I get it you have plenty of other things to pass the time that don't involve me / Well that's ok, but that's not how i am / I'm the boy who had to much time on his hands really doesn't instill anything much in me as a listener.

But it's the second track that really sets the EP afire. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is chock-full of cutting guitars and that shredding sound is compounded by the drums that really add life to the vocals. It's amazing, the contrast from the first track. Here, there's a much appreciated grit and no doubt, if they follow in this vein they're gonna be one to watch in 2013. I wish I had more to go on but for now, this'll suffice. Hope to hear great things this year from the gents.