Cayetana - Demo [digital] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo [digital] (2012)


Such is the might of the Menzingers right now that when they recommend a band, people listen. So, with Tom May's blessing, might I suggest ya'll check out Cayetana's demo on Bandcamp? It's three songs for $2. That means you're paying a measly $0.66 for each track, which in turn comes jam packed with lo-fi indie rock. This is what smart shoppers might call a deal in stereo.

For a demo, the whole thing sounds remarkably put together. Granted, the band seem to be still feeling out its songwriting, as opener "Mountain Kids" could probably be a minute shorter, but as a whole, this thing could just be billed as an EP instead of something less finished like a demo.

While the songs could honestly be played in any order, the track listing chosen works well, to the extent that each song gets better. "Mountain Kids" is pretty catchy, but "Ella" is just so much tighter. It gets in, drops the payload and then wraps things up. "South Philly" is the longest of the three tunes, but it kind of needs to be. There's a whole mess of longing and scenery spewing forth, and the instrumental passages in between vocal takes, when the drums pound out four on the floor, really let the song breathe. This one has got to be the closer. Not that I know how long Cayetana's sets run, mind you, but that'll be rectified soon enough.