Streetside Vinyl - If There's A Hope [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Streetside Vinyl

If There's A Hope [EP] (2012)


Bands that don't come off as too preachy always make for good 'Christian' rock. I really don't like implying that unless bands classify themselves as such. Creed worked well, Anberlin worked well, at least for a time. But despite that, it falls in the same line as political bands: once your music sounds good, that's what'll get me. If There's A Hope has a lot of faith in its spine and even with its religious overtones and whatnot, you can't deny great music from Streetside Vinyl.

"I Have My Reasons" brings forth the intricate guitar work that's canvassed throughout the record, which establishes itself well in seven tracks. Aligned more with an alternative sound, this cool, calm spin comes off on "Promises and Rings," with drums that build up the song nicely. It's definitely leading more towards fans of Transit, especially on the mellower "Still Searching." These songs are all bound in the band's belief of a higher power and to translate it so well musically always impresses.

Segue into "His Name is Chaos" and you can draw what you want from the title, but this track is brilliantly done. The guitars are a cross between A Lot Like Birds and Funeral For A Friend, and the structure/layout of the arrangements highlight how efficient and technically sound these guys are. When it comes to the indie/alternative/pop-punk subcultures, there are a lot of bands cluttered into niches and pigeonholing sounds, but this is one rare gem that no matter what, has a place anywhere that good rock music is desired.