Brightside - Seconds Matter [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Seconds Matter [EP] (2012)


Pittsburgh, Pa. upstarts Brightside play a brand of pop-punk that's all the rage with the kids nowadays–no, not that kind with the fake varsity jackets and the snapbacks. Their music is far more eccentric and personality-driven than built for mosh pits, not unlike a band like Joyce Manor. Seconds Matter is a brief glimpse into what the band have to offer, and a sign of their potential should they continue down this path.

"Naota Nandaba" is the most jangly of the EP's five tracks; built on frenetic drums and quivering vocals, it's a good opener but maybe not the best foot the band could've put forward. Seconds Matter's next three songs are a much better vessel for what's being conveyed: "Memo" juxtaposes melodic vocals over a rough-and-tumble base, which includes some interestingly placed crooning and waltzing between the verses. "You're Not Sad" plods along in much the same way a lot of Joyce Manor's 2011 LP did, with an equally sardonic pop aesthetic. "Cry About It" is a tad more conventional in its pop-punk structure, but with some understated guitar melodies in the verses and bouncy half-time parts between them.

While "Breaking Out Is Hard To Do" closes Seconds Matter on a quirkier, darker note–think Tigers Jaw playing a couple of notes higher–stylistically it fits into the EP's mood nicely. Brightside show a lot of promise on this EP, and with some more time to hone their songs they could be something special.