Sparta - Wiretap Scars (Cover Artwork)


Wiretap Scars (2002)


For some reason, the EP "Austere" gave me a feeling a space, like soaring through canyons. This album is no exception.

The CD starts out with "Cut Your Ribbin", which is a strong introduction track. Its complex rhythm and guitars give a feel of things to come. Things then relax a bit in the middle of the album with San Cosm and Light Burns Clear. The last seems to have a mellow energy. Jim's vocals gives a soft tone which adds a nice effect to his screaming. The guitars' reverb and the synth contribute to the spacey feeling. Overall, this album gave a positive blunt-agression that isn't too present lately in records.

If you are a fan of At the Drive-In (I'd like to note that three members are present in this album), pick this up and give it a listen.