Steve Adamyk Band - Third (Cover Artwork)
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Steve Adamyk Band

Third (2013)

Dirtnap Records

The Steve Adamyk Band keep things straightforward and simple, and that goes for the title of the band's third album which has been named Third, so as not to confuse anyone, as well as in the type of music it contains. Now, that doesn't mean that musically this is something to be ignored, as that is far from the truth, but basically Steve Adamyk and his companions take from a number of genres to deliver an edgy, punky power-pop set of songs that are fun to listen to without being overly taxing. The other good thing is that this formula doesn't stray from the first two albums, although I feel that the second, Forever Won't Wait, was a slight improvement over the debut self-titled long player with Forever Won't Wait and Third being neck and neck in terms of quality.

With "Not A Witness" providing a rip roaring start full of guitars and singalong parts in pure pop-punk style, the Steve Adamyk Band snatch my attention and keep it fixed on the dozen tracks that the album contains. Tracks skip along at a fair pace and it's reminiscent of the first couple of Ramones albums, the template for much of the pop-punk genre where you barely catch your breath between songs yet they still manage to implant themselves in your head. I'd also add a bit of the Dickies and Screeching Weasel into the comparison too, with Third having a frenzied yet measured, hook-laden delivery.

Though a relatively consistent album it's the likes of the opener along with "Katacombs," "Wait For Your Number," "Nightmare" and "Won't Let You Go" that stand out as the markers of the highest quality on the record.

The huge positive from listening to a record like this is that it puts me in a good mood regardless of how I might have been feeling prior to putting it on, and it also gives me a kick up the backside in terms of providing some often much needed energy to get me going: it's just so damn infectious.

Thank you to the Steve Adamyk Band for sticking to the old adage, ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it' as this is a continuation of previous work, thus making for yet another highly enjoyable listen.