Various - Trial and Error Sampler 2 (Cover Artwork)


Trial and Error Sampler 2 (2002)

Trial and Error

Trial & error's second sampler offers the best in Australian hard core, punk, emo and metal.The bands are mostly from Australia, but there are some overseas bands that Trial & error does distribution for.

The cd starts of with Outbreak, screamy hardcore, similar to early Refused and Abhinda. Next up are the Nation Blue, who are still a fairly unknown band but at the same time one of the most promising emo/rock bands in Australia.

Within blood play self titled song with their brand of fast, honest and brutal old school hard core.
Capdown, from UK, reminded me why I got into punk with "What doesn't kill you", with a heckle/rise againstish mix of hard core and punk.
Not for you, new school metal/hard core band didn't do much for me with their song, but Blood duster did put ona smile on my face with their brand of humour and grind core, with their short but funny song "Pissingcontest".

Last time I've heard All City Sharps, they played very good sing-a-long Oi/punk rock, and while this song is great, it is just a fucking carbon copy of Dropkick's.I couldn't believe it.
I mostly only go to HC shows, and the last time ShortPointBlank played I wasn't to impressed.Their song didn't do much for me here either.

I saw Summerset open up for Strung out last year and they sucked live.One of those bands that are better on the record. "Clutter" is a melodic punk song with both rock and hard core elements thrown in.One of those bands that clearly need to be known outside of their country's border line.
This next band is anything but melodic. Restraint play old school HC with tough as fuck vocals.The song sound terrible at first , but it really grows on you after a while.

Next up is Conation.This is the first time I've herad a mix of classical music, grind core and emo.Strange but rather good and very original.
Far left limit win the best song title award for this comp, with "Pride, honour, loyalty and all else that I hate about hardcore".It's a short song, but the music is great.They remind me of my all time favourite HC band,Up front.Kinda like early youth crew sXe bands.

Current kings of Australian Hard core, Mindsnare , prove why they are the biggest Australian hard core band with 'In reach of no man'.This song has it all.Slow parts, screamy parts, fast parts and angry parts.They even throw in a kickass breakdown towards the end - windmill or die!
Day One are from New Zeland but unlike their neighbours Sommerset they've managed only to dissapoint me.

Snubfighter released a demo tape a while back and I remember saying to myself 'The next best thing'.I was wrong. Firstly, this song is nothing speacial and lacks of any production value, secondly they broke up.
Day of contempt are to Australia what Earth Crisis was to US.Chuggy, metal/HC and one hell of a live band. Thier song "The slaughter begins" is good, but there are better songs on their EP 'Where shadows lie' to pick from.

Dying breed are very unoriginal and very boring band.Next!
Down and away (Voice of a generation) play punk rock in similar to DKM's and One man Army.Great sing along punk rock.

I killed the prom Queen, besides having a ridiculous name, they have gained quite a few fans a couple of weeks back at the Hard core 2002 festival.They mix emo, metal, punk and hardcore, and while this song sounds terrible production wise, their new EP is a killer.

Voice of dissent are fast hardcore band with some metal and punk thrown in for a good measure.They broke up recently, and it's a shame because they were one of my favourite Australian bands.

Next up is a fairly new band, Stronger than hate, with their brand of metallic hardcore.They are much better live than here with their song "Erode", from their first demo.Thier new EP is out now and is much better.
Identity theft's music is hard to describe. At times their song reminds me of At the gates, while on some moments there is some Agnostic front influence noticable too.Very strange mix but very original and very good song after all.

Irrelevant are my favourite Australian band.They mix hardcore anger and emo melody in the vains of Stretch Arm Strong and Glasseater.This song, "Prologue to this" is clearly a stand out here.
Anther way - see what I wrote about Dying breed.

I've never heard of One last excuse prior to this compilation and I feel that in some time they will be at the top with the current heavywights.
Throwing the goat might have a dumb name for a band but their song "I blasphemer" closes up the CD perfectly.

Out of those 23 songs, the best ones are by Irrelevant, Capdown and Identity theft.I hope that now you know that they are indeed some good bands from Australia.