Grand Collapse - Grand Collapse [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Grand Collapse

Grand Collapse [EP] (2013)


Grand Collapse are a Cardiff/Bristol (UK) based punk/hardcore band that will probably initially get some attention due to the fact that their singer, Calvin Sewell, is the son of former Icons of Filth vocalist Andrew ‘Stig' Sewell who passed away over eight years ago. However, this is a band which doesn't need such associations to help boost its profile, as there is enough going on during the three tracks, being made available digitally (with a physical release to hopefully follow) for free, to show that they are more than capable of doing it on their own merit.

Beyond Sewell, the only person I've heard of or seen play before is drummer Glenn Tew (ex-Four Letter Word and currently also in State Funeral), a man who makes Animal from the Muppets look like he is in a straitjacket, as he seemingly tries to destroy the kit before him during live shows. With the addition of the requisite four and six strings, the end result is quite a gritty sound that isn't always of a straightforward hardcore variety, but which constantly punches its way along.

The opening track "Grand Collapse" is the proof that a band can mix things up effectively enough to not sound as if they're just content to reproduce a well-used sound and thus cause punk rock to begin to stagnate. It's not a big thing, but it's pleasing to hear a band that is just trying to add something different into what they do, rather than join in with the crowd who are content to copy and paste a format/approach. This song takes a few twists and turns and is the lengthiest, and more involved of the three on offer.

Following on is the more straightforward "Forecast," a song which also stops me in my tracks as its sheer simplicity, which is accompanied by some precision musicianship, create a thunderous soundtrack for Sewell to provide his vocals. It must be said that these vocals have all the trademarks of being suited for protest music, as they contain a sense of anger and a lack of compromise as they bark out the lyrics to the three songs.

Finally it's "Ailment (No Cure)" which brings an end to a highly satisfactory debut, and one which will hopefully lead to Grand Collapse writing and releasing more material as good as this. Check this out on Bandcamp and again, it's free.