Greys - Drift [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Drift [7-inch] (2013)

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Greys are a rock powerhouse. Colliding the jaggedness of DC post-hardcore, the ferocious energy of punk and the sheer loudness and riffs of ‘90s alternative–with a somewhat understated classic rock swagger thrown in–the Toronto-based quartet create a sound that's dripping with energy and personality. The band's new 7-inch Drift is their best work yet, taking the foundation laid on their 2012 EP Easy Listening and just turning up the volume on everything.

The two shorter songs on the a-side, "Carjack" and "Drag" are straight-up burners: The former creates nervous energy from heavy drums, riffs residing on the lowest of ends and harshly yelled vocals. There's a tinge of melody in the chorus, showcasing Greys' versatility and ability to inject melody into something so inherently caustic. The latter displays a little more gauntness, at least in the beginning; there's busier, mathier drumming and slightly less layered guitars, but it's not any less any punishing than its predecessor, just punishing in a different way.

"Pill" takes up the entire b-side of Drift and at five and a half minutes, allows Greys to showcase their talent for conveying heaviness across a larger canvas. It's also really, really grungy, from the seemingly out of tune guitars in the verses, to the more sardonic vocal approach that eventually evolves into calculated screams to the quieter refrains that lets the rhythm section manufacture tension. Some more riffs and a wall of feedback later, and the song sounds straight out of 1993.

it remains to be seen whether or not the evolution Greys make on Drift will carry over to a full-length–or if the band will ever even release a full-length–but they sound meaner, heavier and altogether nastier than they ever have.