A Page of Punk/Werewolves on Motorcycles - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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A Page of Punk / Werewolves on Motorcycles

Split [7-inch] (2013)

Drunken Sailor

You have to laugh at this release, you really do, and I don't mean that in any derogatory way, but check out the number of tracks: English band Werewolves on Motorcycles get to display a quartet of its songs which is a decent amount for a split 7-inch. However, Japanese band A Page of Punk manage to cram thirteen (yes, 13!) tracks onto its allotted side of this amazing release; quite a disparity but one that neither helps nor hinders one band over the other.

A Page of Punk obviously have a love of the word ‘fuck' (and here I'd advise anyone of a particularly sensitive nature to skip the next line) as the opening trio of tracks are "Fuck You 12341234," "Fuck, Fuck" and "F.U.C.K.Y.O.U." They play frantic punk rock that is trashy and all over the place in highly enjoyable, short and sharp blasts. In addition to their own songs, there are covers of The Specials' "Little Bitch" (including the same riff that the Dandy Warhols once lifted from the song), Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout" and also "Don't Look Back in Anger," originally by Oasis – all of which add a unique take on the songs. It must be noted that I detest Oasis with a passion but A Page of Punk has managed to actually get me to sing along with one of the thankfully defunct Manchester band's songs for the first time in my life – no mean feat there. Also, you must check out the lyrics to "Just Like Masai" – simple but hilarious. In fact, that applies for all of the band's self-penned songs, too.

On a more sedate (well, not at all really but it is a tad less bonkers) note the other side of this slab of vinyl offers up Werewolves on Motorcycles, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, a band which are also worthy of some high praise for four mighty songs that have their roots in the meaty sound of bands such as Motorhead and Discharge ,along with the odd moment here and there that is more post-punk influenced. All of this band's offerings are good, featuring a big, thunderous sound that is a bit more ‘normal' in comparison to A Page of Punk's approach. The whole package adds up to one hell of a substantial release that, I have to say, is a ‘must buy' record.

Just to clarify that this is actually being released by five different labels, not just Drunken Sailor (but that's where mine comes from) and each label will be selling a different coloured version of the cover that goes with the 7-inch. The other four labels are Yeah Records, Pie n Mosh Records, Carnage Club and Speedowax.