Chandeli'ers - Chandeli'ers [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Chandeli'ers [12-inch] (2013)

Self Released

Chandeli'ers' name brings to mind some sort of doo wop or Motown group, and I'm guessing that's kind of deliberate as there are clearly elements of the that contained within the music here. In fact, it you took some doo wop, threw in a bit of northern soul and then added a bit of Elvis Costello / Joe Jackson new wave / power pop vibe then you'd have the six tracks on this 12-inch EP. The band feature personnel that have done time in the likes of Ringers, The Besties, Bent Outta Shape and World/Inferno Friendship Society, although none of those really provide a useful reference point to the Chandeli'ers.

The opening track "Sweet Time" begins with a choppy guitar, brisk drum beat and soothing keyboards, before the song is taken in a mixed direction, with hints of rock 'n' roll and edgy new wave combining to give a mid-tempo, foot shuffling track that is easy on the ear. Ross Noyes of Ringers provides the Costello-like vocals which are perfect for this and subsequent tracks.

"The Weather" has a more northern soul / new wave feel, with Marisa Bergquist taking on lead vocal duties and once again my feet get a tapping throughout the song, as the beat is refreshing and impossible to ignore.

"In The Way" has a much more of a doo wop feel to it and I find myself thinking back to films like The Wanderers in terms of the period that sticks in my head when hearing this.

"Stalemate" is where the Elvis Costello comparison is more evident in both from the keyboards and the vocals of Noyes, whose voice is matched perfectly by that of Bergquist. This track takes a more new wave path than anything before it which is probably why.

"Sharp Edges" and "Signals & Signs" keep the whole groove going to the end with some great vocals and a warm keyboard sound that helps create an impressive debut release.