Good Riddance/Choke/Deville - Live in Calgary, AB (Cover Artwork)

Good Riddance / Choke / Deville

Live in Calgary, AB (2002)

live show

Ah, another mid week All Ages punk show featuring yet another band I've wanted to see but never got the chance, Good Riddance. So for twelve bucks (canadian) I picked up a ticket to see this show, a good value if you ask me.

Doors opened at 7 sharp, and Go For The Throat from Philadelphia took the stage. The band ripped through 13 songs in about 20 minutes, and were pretty good for an opening band. The biggest disapointment for me is that the crowd really didn't get into their set, so the lack of crown energy was noticeable.

About fifteen minutes later, Deville took the stage to their hometown crowd. These guys had alot of energy on stage, and it made their songs sound better than they probably were. The crowd was totally into this act and their performance made me wanna check out this band soon.

The next act was Choke from Edmonton. This band is hard to describe, their sound was original so I really can't compare it to anything. Again, the crowd took really well to this band and the band put on one hell of a show.

The final act was Good Riddance. After about a fifteen minute set up, they finaly started up. I have to admit, I've only heard about 10 Good Riddance tunes, so Im not an expert on them, but the songs I've heard I loved. The whole place went up when they took the stage, and the crowd stayed into it for the whole 45 minute set in which the band played about 15 songs. The band had great stage presence and looked to be having a great time. They capped off their set with Libertine, which is my favourite Good Riddance tune and left the stage to a crowd wanting more. After about 2 minutes, thats what we got, they played 3 more songs to an even more excited crowd and finally took their leave.

This was a great show, all the bands did a great job and sounded different from one another. The crowd was totally into it, which made the show alot better.