The Story So Far - What You Don't See (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

The Story So Far

What You Don't See (2013)

Pure Noise

I remember listening to While You Were Sleeping a few years back and loving the record. I fell out of touch with The Story So Far and got a stark reminder last year that I needed to catch up after listening to Stickup Kid. I loved their passion and edgy take on pop-punk as they incorporated more of a punk/hardcore vibe. Suffice it to say, What You Don't See is testament to just how far the band have come and how much work was put in. I expected it to be decent; my expectations were exceeded.

"Things I Can't Change" and "Small Talk" are typical TSSF - fast-paced and gritty pop-punk. The quick licks and speedy riffs stand out with William Levy and Kevin Geyer adding the extra dimension needed to ensure they're differentiated from generic pop-punkers. Parker Cannon's vocals are crisp, clean and tight as he's got that usual pop-punk voice down but his delivery is more loose and lends to a sense of freedom and vibrancy on the mic.

TSSF cultivate a clean sound that's shown in spades through "Right Here" and "Empty Space." These tracks are leaps and bounds better than their already-impressive older music. There's a finesse and sense of maturity in the songwriting and the instrumentation. Everything has a neat, cohesive flow which works for fans with an ambivalent view of this genre.

Ryan Torf's incessant drums are what gives more credence to why this band is one to not ignore. His timing, precision and fluidity complement the music so well. The remainder of the record wanders a bit but doesn't go too far off course. It never gets monotonous and it's very digestible.

TSSF find its true sound here and it is a pleasant spin of melodic punk which is signaled exquisitely by "Framework." This track sums up why I see anticipation building for these guys once folk get wind of this record. They've got a bright future ahead, no doubt.