Pool Party - Pool Party Party [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Pool Party

Pool Party Party [7-inch] (2013)


Following quickly on from Pool Party's last 7-inch Teenage Weirdo comes another slab of vinyl goodness (with a damn fine digital bonus) which sees the foursome taking a more Angry Samoans-like trip in terms of the lyrics to the half dozen tracks featured.

Whilst the previous release gave quite a Ramones-like buzz, Pool Party Party adds a couple of other strings to the band's bow with elements of The Dwarves and The Misfits being thrown into the mix, in addition to the obvious dose of bruddaly love on display.

Opening with the title track, the romp begins in style and is continued with "Coma Dose," a track featuring a pair of vocalists that are diverse yet complimentary enough to make the song work well. Up next to close the A-side is the best track, "Raised by Wolves," which has the strongest vocal performance on the single.

The B-side begins with "Scissor Attack" with some more distinctive vocals that help to raise a basic lyric up to a pretty good song. Next comes "Secret Wife," a more straightforward pop-punk trip which leads into the big finale, "She Loves Dick," which is maybe not the most sensitive song in the world but does bring to mind The Queers.

To be honest, this release doesn't require much dissection; if you like pop-punk that is somewhat generic but which manages to be highly enjoyable then this is worth checking out.

The download, which accompanies this single, dishes up a full dozen songs which includes the six off the vinyl version, three from the previous single and a trio of other tracks (including the excellent "Sperm Bank City, USA") thus treating the purchaser to what amounts to, in effect, a full album from Pool Party. Not a bad deal at all if you like pop-punk drenched in snot. It's also available as a twelve track download via Bandcamp: http://therealpoolparty.bandcamp.com/album/pool-party-party