Mr. Hipster - Ask for Nothin' [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Mr. Hipster

Ask for Nothin' [EP] (2012)


​Bloomington, IN's Mr. Hipster is the baby of guitarist/singer Alex Mysliwiec, who has seen his backing drummer change multiple times. His songwriting is punk rock under the influence of old-timey country and surf, though it's a bit hard for that to come through in this too-short three-song EP, the band's second.

​"Professional" comes and goes in just over a minute, with warp-speed drum fills and a rough melodic punk sensibility, with lyrics that take on the punk scene itself. "Vincennes, Shitcennes (2nd Generation)" slows things down but never takes itself too seriously- "You and me, we can take some time / To walk down the old Vincennes line / I can show you where Abe Lincoln farted." It's my favorite track here, but the "2nd Generation" indicates that fans have heard it before back on their debut, 2011's Just Tryin' Not to be Held Liable. However, the extended twangy intro and a more thoughtful tempo make it a welcome addition. "Thank You" finishes off the set with an impressive drumbeat by then-drummer Matt Wissig joined by furiously strummed guitars, leading to a bunch of thank yous, some more sincere than others ("Thank you, thank you, for trying to fuck my girlfriend.")

​The production here is a step up from the raw live takes that comprised Liable, while maintaining the punk rock urgency. Thicker guitars, more powerful drums and cleaner vocals make this overall a more accessible and enjoyable release. While my biggest complaint is the length, Ask for Nothin' is actually part one of a pair of EPs and I am anxious to hear the rest, which should be available this year.