Captain, We're Sinking - Montreal [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Captain, We're Sinking

Montreal [7-inch] (2012)

Run for Cover

People have been anticipating a full-length album from Captain, We're Sinking since they released The Animals Are Out, and the 7-inches they released in the meantime have only made the fans hungrier and more desperate for a full album. In some sense, Montreal is just another seven-inch to add to the list of teases with one big difference – it's a specific signal of an upcoming full-length (The Future is Cancelled).

The two tracks on Montreal are "Montreal," a song off the upcoming album, and "Let's Play Kill All Humans," a b-side. And as it turns out, both are fucking fantastic. Lyrically, the songs are somewhat reminiscent of the Hold Steady.The delivery is nowhere in the ball park of Craig Finn, but the lyrical themes and references to people losing their faith are there. The way one line can be sung beautifully and then the next line is passionately shouted in desperation brings something honest and relatable to the lyrics which tell the stories of people in tough times. They paint vivid pictures of characters one can empathize with in a fashion not unlike John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats.

The man on "Let's Play Kill All Humans" asking for god to pity him and the woman pleading for the man to clean up his act are both desperate, and you can hear that Bob Barnett cares about the characters in his voice. "Montreal" focuses on a woman with a baby attempting to escape an abusive relationship. She's another fucked up, desperate character looking for answers in religion: "she got to the part about the people and the exodus / she stuck there with a skeletal frame saying ‘yeah, but don't forget about the rest of us'." This is a band that should be on everyone's radar.